WetSuit® 1-Part

WetSuit® 1-Part similar to WetSuit® 2-Part but is not catalyzed and has a slower cure time. It can be sprayed, brush, or roll applied. It is self levelling.  

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WetSuit® 2-part

WetSuit® 2-Part is a the original, cold spray-applied, instant set, membrane which is catalyzed to form a seamless, waterproofing membrane.  

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WetSuit® UnderCover

WetSuit® UnderCover is a single component, medium viscosity material used exclusively underneath the WetSuit® System to pre-strip joints, penetrations, or detail transitions.

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WetSuit® PrimeMate

WetSuit® PrimeMate is a primer allowing optimum adhesion on nearly all the substrates  

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WetSuit® Trowel and Fiber Trowel

WetSuit® Trowel & Fiberated Trowel are thicker grades. Ideal for catching cracks, voids, and penetrations.  

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Invisilink® is a lightweight yet highly durable contouring seam fabric used with WetSuit®
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